Wednesday, November 24, 2010

contest op

So Ms Loralee is hosting a 100 dollar visa card giveaway, and I entered :) Trying for another entry in the contest, and telling you to go enter too ( if I can't win, might as well have someone I know win, right? )

She is asking " WHICH RECIPE WOULD YOU PICK? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY HOLIDAY AND IS IT NEW OR LONG STANDING? " ( the first q is in regards to Welch's, who is sponsoring the giveaway, punch recipes )

Here is my answer :D

I am feeling the holiday sparking punch, sounds yummy.

Thanksgiving has always been my fav, even growing up. LOVE food, LOVE football, and for the most part LOVE family ;) The time of the year, the smells, the scenery, thanksgiving rocks.

We seriously eat ALL day, the chips and dips, candies, snacks galore. There is no fasting before the big dinner, we munch all day long and play card and board games and watch football. Then we have the best dinner ever. Nothing fancy at our house. Turkey, gravy, real mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, green beans,olives then pumpkin and apple pie ( on occasion a cream and even a to die for pecan.) Nothing funky ( like casseroles or pumpkin cheesecakes) just good simple food :D
Love, love, love thanksgiving :D

Thanks for the contest op!


So, good luck to you and me, hopefully one of us wins :D

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